How to download and install Windows 11 2023 feature update

How to download and install Windows 11 2023 feature update

Microsoft is about to start rolling out the Moment 3 update next month starting June 13. However, the company has started rolling out the latest build update for the desktop operating system which already includes several Moment 3 updates such as improvements to Widgets Board layout, 2FA copy and paste option from the notifications and more. Now, if you don’t want to wait till next month and want to try out the new feature today, then you’ll have to install the latest available build on your PC.

In this how-to guide, we will tell you step-by-step guide on how to download and install the update.

Before the steps, here are some new features that the update includes

  • Updated Widgets Board layout and better pinning experience
  • Animation to Taskbar weather icons
  • Bing AI button on the Taskbar search bar
  • Easy copy button for 2FA notifications
  • Mult-app kiosk mode
  • Seconds for clock in Taskbar
  • VPN notifications
  • Support for new languages for Live captions feature
  • Updated touch keyboard settings

Steps to download and install the latest Windows 11 update
The latest Windows 11 update is currently an optional update and is not mandatory for all users, now. So, to be able to get the update and install it. You’ll need to enable the Optional updates option to ensure that the update is available to download as soon as they are posted with every new development.



Open Settings on Windows 11 PC


Click on Windows update


Click on Advanced options


Click Optional updates and choose the update you want to install


Click on Download and Install

That’s it. Wait for it to download and install the update and then restart your PC. Once done, you’ll be able to see the new changes and features mentioned above.


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